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I was arrested for soliciting sex with another man at a rest stop. The judge mandated that I get therapy. I looked for sex therapists in the Detroit area, and I found Matt. Initially, I was humiliated. I had to disclose my complete sexual history to someone. I didn’t like the way it sounded when it came out of my mouth, and I certainly didn’t want anyone else to hear it. Matt put me at ease. I still remember what he said: “[name omitted], I work with this issue all day long. I’m not going to judge you, or laugh at you, or tell anyone else what you tell me. You can feel safe here.” I know it sounds a little cheesy, but it was exactly what I needed to hear. I told Matt everything, and over the course of our sessions I learned how to have a healthier sexuality. I haven’t had sex in a public bathroom in over two years.

- 39 year old gay man

I had spent most of my life running from things and avoiding things. I had structured my life so that I was safe, and I felt like that made me happy. But keeping up the charade was so much work, that eventually everything came crashing down. I was referred to Matt from my physician, so I made an appointment. When I first saw Matt Sweet, I thought, “What does this young kid have to tell me that I don’t already know?” But I gave it a chance, and I’m glad that I did. We worked together, and through the process I have a new outlook on life. I think that, for what may be the first time, I can finally deal with the world without being terrified.

- 72 year old male

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