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I had been in therapy several times before I went to see Matt. Each time, I felt like I made some progress during treatment, but afterwards, I went right back to my old behaviors. Seeing Matt was different, because I was able to learn to control my behaviors for good. It has been almost a year since I saw Matt last, and I still haven’t gone back to my old ways.

- 42 year old male

I initially went into therapy with Matt because my husband found out that I was having an affair. He told me I had to therapy or we were through. I was angry at his “ultimatum,” but I didn’t want to lose the relationship, so I did what he asked. My brother recommended Mr. Sweet, so I made an appointment.

From the first session Mr. Sweet put me at ease, and I was eventually able to talk about the reasons that I had the affair. Mr. Sweet made me feel safe and comfortable, but at the same time I knew that he was being honest with me. He wasn’t afraid to tell me things that I didn’t really want to hear, but he said them in a way that made it feel like advice being given by an old friend, not a cold professional.

My husband and I reconciled, eventually. And I learned how to get my needs met in the relationship, and not outside of it. I am grateful for Mr. Sweet’s help.

- 55 year old female

A friend referred us to Matt. We had been having problems, fighting and arguing. We had a lot of problems getting acceptance for our same-sex relationship from our families. In fact, the pressure from our families was so great that we began to wonder if we could even go on with the relationship. So we went into couple’s therapy.

Couple’s therapy was the best thing to happen to us! We learned about each other, we learned about ourselves, and we learned about relationships in general. It was difficult, and frightening at times, but Matt made us feel comfortable and safe. We worked through a lot of what was going on for us, and we’re better off for having been in couple’s therapy.

- 34 and 41 year old gay males

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