How Do I Choose a Therapist?
I hear this question when I give public talks, so I wrote this article on choosing a therapist.

What Exactly Happens in Therapy?
I will help you identify the problems on which you would like to work, and we will develop a treatment plan for. I am committed to providing you with a safe, comfortable environment in which you can explore and grow. I treat all my clients with respect and dignity. I am trained in Cognitive-Behavioral Theory. This means that I focus therapy on active treatment and behavioral change. I also practice Gay-Affirmative therapy, meaning that I help lesbian, gay, and bisexual / bi-attractional individuals accept themselves and get the lives they want to have. This is what you can expect when you enter into a therapeutic relationship with me:

   • Appointments will be arranged for convenient times and as quickly
     as possible. Evening and weekend appointments are available.
   • Referrals to other provides of care will be made when appropriate.
   • A sensitive intake procedure.
   • A secure space to explore your inner landscape.
   • The development of an individualized treatment plan to help
     you achieve a better life.
How is Therapy Going to Make Me Feel?
Most people feel a wide range of emotions during therapy. Sometimes the very feelings that caused you to seek therapy in the first place will intensify. Other times you may feel nothing at all, and question if the process is working for you. Both of these are normal, and can even be seen as signs of progress. Please discuss any concerns you have here with me during treatment. It is essential to ensure the effectiveness of the therapy that you be open and honest with any therapist.

How Long Will I Have to See a Therapist?
Sessions with one individual usually last one hour, and are usually scheduled for once a week or once every two weeks. Couples and family sessions are longer, typically an hour and a half. The total number of sessions that are needed can vary widely from one client to the next. If you are concerned about this, please feel free to discuss it with me in person.

What Does Therapy Cost?
Please contact me to discuss this concern individually. I accept several health insurance plans, and the cost of therapy may depend on your plan's coverage.