My Practice

For more than a decade, I have been helping people through difficult times in their lives. Difficulties like anxiety, depression, stressful life changes and issues with relationships and sexuality.

I have seen hundreds of clients and helped them recognize what’s really holding them back. People come to me feeling stuck in a cycle of anxiety or negative emotions and we work together to untangle knots and reveal the strands of resiliency that reside within all of us. With that knowledge they can start making informed choices about how to improve their lives.

A better, more fulfilling life is possible.

My Philosophy

My practice is successful because it is grounded in these core beliefs:

• We can all change
• All people are worthy of dignity and respect
• Everyone is deserving of love
• The answers to our struggles are inside us

My Credentials

My master’s degree in Social Work is from Wayne State University and I have post-graduate training in sex therapy from the University of Michigan. I am field instructor for Wayne State University and the University of Michigan as well as a former field instructor for Michigan State University. I also do public speaking and have received a number of awards.

Click here or call me at (248) 930-2137 to talk more about how I can help you.